Selenium Training in DreamCode at Chennai

Selenium WebDriver tool is used for automation on web browsers as a web based tool. If you are a manual tester who needs to change your direction to automation testing or if you are an automation tester looking to enhance your skills, DreamCode’s Selenium Course in Chennai is the perfect option for you. Our Selenium Training in Chennai is also suitable for test managers, or selenium RC managers who want to migrate their projects with WebDriver.

DreamCode Selenium Training in Chennai will allow you to understand how to automate web based applications while being able to implement different frameworks. DreamCode is known as the best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai because of the implementation of real-time project experience and the exposure to interview questions for candidates looking to make a successful career after completing their Selenium Training in Chennai.

You will learn about automation testing of the various popular web browsers and also for mobile applications. You will be able to understand concepts involved with Xpath, Object identification and Web driver as well. From learning how to code scripts for parallel simultaneous testing of various applications to being able to execute selenium test cases in multiple browsers, and automating the build process using TestNg, to so much more, you will be a full-fledged professional with DreamCode’s Selenium Training in Chennai.

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Course Objectives



To join this course, the aspirant should have basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming in Java programming language.