Angular Training in Chennai

DreamCode provides professional AngularJS Training in Chennai. Our course for Angular training teaches you the building blocks of AngularJS. You will be equipped with all the skills needed to be able to build RIA (Rich internet Applications).

Our Angular Training in Chennai, offers a syllabus that is ideal for any web developed who needs to build the best of web applications, using JavaScript. Our AngularJS Training in Chennai ensure that all students gain an in-depth knowledge of concepts like Data Binding, Services, Directives, Filters, Modular JavaScript and Server Communication.

You will be able to understand the design on single page applications and how their development is facilitated by Angular 4. You will have a complete understanding of the Angular 4 architecture and you will gain perspective into TypeScript, Performance unit testing, Angular CLI, developing UI using Bootstrap and much more!

For reliable and professional AngularJS Training in Chennai, get in touch with us at DreamCode.

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Course Objectives